General Dentistry

General dentistry consists of various invasive and non-invasive dental procedures, ranging from check-ups to teeth cleaning and root canal treatment.

We offer a full range of general dentistry treatments for the whole family, with the aim of treating disease and restoring your oral health, or merely ensuring that your oral health is perfect.

Root canals

The nerve or blood supply inside the tooth (also known as the pulp) could be irreversibly damaged due to decay or trauma. This may occur with or without symptoms of excruciating pain from the infected tooth. With root canal treatment, the affected nerve tissue that lies within the dentine and enamel of the tooth gets removed through a hole in the tooth. Once this is completed, the tooth will be filled and sealed to prevent future damage to the pulp.

Although root canal therapy might seem like a painful process, it is less painful than having a tooth extraction.

Intravenous sedation

Many people feel nervous about visiting their dentist, often due to previous bad experiences. Our team has experience in treating nervous patients, in a non-judgemental, considerate and understanding environment. Our philosophy is that treating anxieties is just as important as treating teeth because we strive to give all of our patients something to smile about.

By administering intravenous sedation – an anti-anxiety drug – we can perform dental treatments with little to none discomfort to our patients.

Metal Free Dentistry

Recently we have discovered an extremely beneficial way to restore one’s teeth to their natural glory without changing their colour whatsoever. Not only does metal free dentistry look more natural, but because the crown is chemically bonded to your tooth, it restores up to 97 percent of its original vigour and can protect any fragile tooth structure from further damage.

Oral Hygiene

Our dental hygienists will examine and assess your teeth, to determine your oral health status. You will be given an individual oral hygiene programme, and will be shown the most efficient way to keep your mouth clean and healthy with all the latest products available.

Our hygienists use the most recent techniques for removing stubborn surface stains and provide a range of tooth whitening treatments. By cleaning your teeth, we can brighten your smile and boost your confidence.

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